28 06 2007
Check Out the Trailer
Check Out the Trailer

Considered by some the best STAR TREK feature, this installment is a bit hokey, but serves as an excellent time capsule of its era. Taking a page from ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES, VOYAGE HOME finds the 23rd Century crew of the Enterprise in ’80s San Francisco. Silly humor aside, the film has a message at its core that applies to the current time, which was a hallmark of the classic TV series. It’s not all that deep, but it’s fun and entertaining.

Admiral Jim Kirk (William Shatner) has saved his once-dead friend Spock (Leonard Nimoy), who is coping with his rebirth and readjusting to his duel lineage as a logical Vulcan and emotional human. The Federation wants to try the crew for their actions in the third film, but a mysterious probe has come to Earth and will destroy the planet unless it can make contact with humpback whales. The problem is humpback whales are extinct. So Kirk devises a plan to travel back in time and bring back two whales. In the past, they team up with whale expert Dr. Gillian Taylor (Catherine Hicks, TV’s 7TH HEAVEN), who first believes the strangely dressed Kirk and Spock are crazy.

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