This Weekend’s Film Festival Celebrates Pulpy Pleasures

2 08 2007

Sorry ahead of time for the lateness on this week’s edition. This Weekend’s Film Festival drips of pulpy cool, bloody gore and a heap load of fun. With HOT FUZZ and 300 both arriving on DVD this week, the exuberant and over-the-top fun of cinema needs to be showcased. I’ve collected five flicks that have directors in common, genres in common and creators in common. But what all these films have in common is a love for genre filmmaking and its excesses. It’s not a marathon of style over substance, but a parade of how style can enhance substance. These are dark entertainments that have tongues pressed firmly in their cheeks around many hairpin turns. Others know exactly what something needs to be to become iconically cool. It’s two fisted gun totin’ action this week. You might just have to install seat belts on your sofa.

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