This Weekend’s Film Festival Celebrates Rising Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt

22 08 2007

Because I was out of town last week, traveling to the lovely Yosemite National Park, celebrating the impending nuptials of my good friend, This Weekend Film Festival took a brief hiatus. Because I just know you were sitting around the house, completely clueless on what to watch, I have a great lineup this week. With THE LOOKOUT arriving on DVD last week, I felt This Weekend’s Film Festival should showcase the work of rising star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. THE LOOKOUT is one of the absolutely best films of 2007. Gordon-Levitt’s starring role in the ingenious thriller BRICK made it one of the best films of last year. His work in great films like MYSTERIOUS SKIN and even weak films like HAVOC have continuously proven his status as one of the premiere actors of his generation. Who would have thought that he would grow so much from his roles on 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN or 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU?

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