This Weekend’s Film Festival Celebrates Horror That Was Good the First Time Around

29 08 2007

With Rob Zombie’s remake of HALLOWEEN hitting theaters this weekend, I felt a proper theme for This Weekend’s Film Festival, in light of the many horror remakes in the past few years, would be to look at the originals that we good the first time around. In doing so, I’m not making a judgment on Mr. Zombie’s film, because I have not seen it. However, it’s hard for me to see how you can improve on John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN, which is one of the all time best horror films. I tried to pick films that cover a wide breath of what kinds of horror is being remade and address how it’s being remade. I thought about doing a compare and contrast lineup, but rethought that idea wanting to save viewers from wanting to gouge their eyes out or wanting to gouge my eyes out for recommending them watch such gruesome and horribly remade films. Here is a weekend of chills for you that for some may require three days of watching the TV through the spaces between fingers.

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