11 10 2008
Check Out the Trailer
Check Out the Trailer

For the second INDIANA JONES film, Dr. Jones heads off to China and India. Actually taking place before the events of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, the new tale is much darker than the original, featuring blood cults and child slaves. Like the original, TEMPLE OF DOOM borrows themes from classic pulp cinema. Less of a globetrotting adventure, DOOM stands puts Indy against megalomaniacal bad guys and their impenetrable fortress, where their plot to take over the world is being constructed under ground. If RAIDERS was the serial-style adventure than DOOM is the BOND-like escapade.

Starting in China, Dr. Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford, STAR WARS) is making a shady deal with Chinese gangster Lao Che (Roy Chiao, TOUCH OF ZEN), who is dating the pretty American singer Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw, DREAMSCAPE). When the deal goes bad, Indy escapes just in time with the aide of his kid sidekick Short Round (Ke Huy Quan, THE GOONIES). After surviving a plane crash, Indy, Short Round and Willie end up in India where a devastated village asks Indy to go to Pankot palace, where a Kali Thuggee cult has taken their magic stone and imprisoned their children. The cult leader Mola Ram (Amrish Puri, GANDHI) is using the children to dig for the two remaining missing stones, so that his power can be complete.

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