13 10 2008
Check Out the Trailer
Check Out the Trailer

If RAIDERS is a globetrotting adventure and TEMPLE OF DOOM is an impenetrable fortress mission than LAST CRUSADE combines a rescue mission yarn with a treasure map adventure. Influenced by James Bond more so than any of the other Indiana Jones tales, there are femme fatales and spies and double crosses and beautiful European locales and Sean Connery. Add in the ancient myth of the Holy Grail and you have an Indiana Jones adventure.

The third film starts with a flashback to Indiana Jones as a teenager, played by River Phoenix. We get to learn how he got his chin scar, his whip and his iconic Fedora. We also learn where is obsession for antiquities came from. His father, Henry Jones (Connery), has been looking for the Holy Grail for decades. Now wealthy collector Walter Donovan (Julian Glover, CRY FREEDOM) thinks he has a big break in discovering the lost chalice of Christ. But it seems Indy’s father has gone missing while helping Donovan. So Indy heads to Venice, Italy to meet Austrian historian Elsa Schneider (Alison Doody, A VIEW TO A KILL), whom will lead Indy on his journey toward locating the Grail, which Nazi Colonel Vogel (Michael Byrne, BRAVEHEART) desperately wants to get his hands on as well.

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